“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ”

— Bob Marley

Project Name


'Smooth Willie Fultz Band'

Smooth Willie Fultz from Chicago to LA and beyond.Young man growing up in  the Ickes Homes on 24th and State Street in Chicago. Beginning at an early age of 9, entertaining family and friends. Listening to greats such as Wes Montgomery, George Benson and Earl Klugh to mention a few, developing into one of today's most sought after guitar players. Leaving home at Fifteen was hard for Smooth's family, but it was not for not. He was relocated to California at that time to embark on a surprising career with MCA  Records under the Direction and management of the late and great " Wolf Man Jack". With the group, "Dream Express", which was a noted 'Pop Locking' group with multi talented musicians as well. They forged a way for Smooth to even further that career to perform with greats such as, Otis Clay, BB King, David Cassidy, Ohio Players and Grand Central station to mention a few. He also appeared on "The Midnight Special" hosted by the Wolf Man Jack himself and "The American Band Stand", with Dick Clark. Now he's bringing to the stage a solo measure of himself here in the twentieth century, his Jazz development through the years to entice your ears with mellow and energetic passages of sound. Tunes such as 'Smooth Walkin' to put you in a mellow mood and 'Bye The Way', which will make you wonder for a response. The 'Smooth Willie Fultz Band' designed to make you enjoy the sounds that you hear weather original or cover tune, carefully selected to arouse your ears to really nice music to brighten your day.

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Always Smiling

Always Smiling

Smooth Willie Fultz Band

Smooth Willie Fultz Band

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